How Do I Join?

How can I join the Copperhead Outpost of the 501st Legion?
Do you have a passion for Star Wars and helping others? Do you own a professional-quality costume based on “bad guy” characters from Star Wars? Are you at least 18 years old? Do you reside in Regional Tasmania? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are READY TO ENLIST, TROOPER!!!

Where do you get those costumes?
Our costumes are the result of careful research, fabrication and a lot of hard work. The majority of our costume components are hand built and assembled in our spare time. Given that the likenesses portrayed by these costumes are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm, it must be stressed that the 501st Legion does not provide or manufacture costumes for purchase.

Is it hot in those costumes?
Like the planet Tatooine in summertime. Don’t let it deter you though. The personal rewards and satisfaction of “being a STORMTROOPER” far outweighs the sweat!!

Where do I get more information on those cool costumes?

Click and join the CHO Forum link here. Introduce yourself and you will find a wealth of information available from our “seasoned” troopers.

Alternatively, If you are considering building your own Star Wars villain costume in any of the accepted categories of the 501st Legion, we recommend that you visit a 501st Legion Detachment forum. Detachments focus on individual costume categories and offer the best information available for constructing your own detailed costume. While official Legion membership can only be achieved through the completion and verification of your costume, participation on our Detachment forums is open to the public.

Armored Cavalry Detachment AT-AT Drivers, AT-ST Drivers and Armor Assault Commanders
Blizzard Force Snowtroopers
Bounty Hunters Guild Bounty Hunters
Clone Trooper Detachment Clone Troopers
First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Stormtroopers
Flagship Eclipse Detachment Expanded Universe Characters (non-troopers)
Imperial Gunnery Corps Imperial Gunners
Imperial Officer Corps Imperial Officers, Imperial Crew, Imperial Navy/Death Star Troopers
Jolly Roger Squadron TIE Pilots
Krayt Clan Tusken Raiders and Jawas
Mos Eisley Police Department Sandtroopers
PathFinders Biker Scouts
Sith Lord Detachment The Film-Canon Sith Lords: Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus
Sovereign Protectors Royal Guards
Spec Ops Detachment Special Operations Troopers
Underworld Detachment Pirates, Gangsters, Henchmen, Thieves, Smugglers, Thugs, Scum and Villainy